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Lynchburg Renting is the property management company you’ve been looking for. With nearly four decades of experience in personal rental investment, Bruce Gallier’s team at Lynchburg Renting understands the challenges and rewards of investing in rental property through their personal experience in acquisition, development, and management. Our goal is to maintain and increase your property’s value through consistent, proper management and value-added improvements.

For Renters

Let us match you with the right property for your Central Virginia rental home needs. Forget endless online and in-person searches for an affordable and attractive place to call home. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working with a property management company dedicated to the day-to-day, year-round upkeep of that property, ensuring that you always know who to call when you need help.

For Investors

From market analysis to acquisition, upkeep to turnovers, onboarding to tenant retention services, we have the turnkey services and solutions you are looking for to keep your residential and commercial properties filled and fully operational. We understand the bottom-line impact of vacancies on cashflow and work to maintain and increase your property’s value while under our management.

Find out what a difference truly professional property management makes in optimizing your portfolio’s value. Come partner with us!

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